There's a reason British Airways doesn't operate these anymore...


I am re-designing my blog to position it for my upcoming independent study in aviation entrepreneurship and finance, as well as for future posts on any of the millions of topics that interest me. The posts below are idea analyses and reflections from my Management 230: Entrepreneurship class in Spring 2014. The first post is a reflection on my team’s final venture project, Recover-All, which was effectively a healthy snack product. The venture didn’t come to fruition due to several reasons discussed in the post, but it was still a great experience in idea generation, identifying a target demographic, testing the waters, and implementation. The posts before that relate to an idea I had for building a flight service on the Pune-Bombay route in India called Helios Air (using helicopters, which I quickly discovered were ridiculously expensive to operate). The calculations were quite back-of-the-envelope but once again, it was a great first-round experience in idea generation and preliminary testing.


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